This year, due to formal requirements, the Food Market and Trade Forum was held in a hybrid formula. One of the guests of this event was Małgorzata Wysocka – a member of the Polish Dairy Management Board.Asymptomatic coronavirus has undoubtedly changed our world.
For many Polish entrepreneurs, the noticeable economic changes took place already in January and February 2020, when the vision of the COVID-19 pandemic might have seemed distant, sometimes even unreal. The dynamic change of market circumstances brought quick reactions, sensible decisions, and effective actions on many levels. The changes involved not only the commercial process but, also production lines and the marketing. Everyone who reacted on an ongoing basis managed to find himself quite easy in the new circumstances.

The financial results of the whole dairy industry are quite well assessed.
Though the broken supply chains are noticeable, especially in HoReCa-oriented companies, in the end, the coronavirus in the dairy industry can be assessed as asymptomatic, and the situation is relatively stable.

Another lockdown is a threat to production plants.
From the beginning of the pandemic, entrepreneurs have taken into account the difficulties in maintaining production continuity caused by the quarantine. The most difficult is to find a compromise between the safety of employees and the continuity of the production process. Now the most important is avoiding spilling milk on the fields therefore most of the companies are working in the rostering system so that the critical departments can smoothly operate.

Perspective for the fourth quarter.
The fourth quarter is characterized by a growth in sales. The demand exceeds the supply particularly for products from Poland. The pandemic has forced stricter payment rules. The restrictions hinder the supply of means of transport, but the demand for liquid milk and cheese is very high. We have started contracting in the first quarter of 2021. China still remains a strategic export destination.

Export Challenges in 2021.
Transport to different regions of the world is the main challenge. – In March, our containers were on the roadside – we did not know whether to return the goods to Poland or wait for the reception. Post factum is easy to assess, in March we faced the question of what will happen next? Now we are smarter and know much more. The export will still develop. There is a redirection of product deliveries – large amounts of dairy commodities are used in the pharmaceutical industry – emphasized Małgorzata Wysocka. She also added that the financial issue is a big problem – some clients could not go to the bank to make a transfer during the first lockdown. Trade companies see a threat in the area of receivables insurance – without it, they are unable to process transactions effectively.

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